Buy-Sell Agreements (EPUB)

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-814-2

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If you are starting a business or already one of the owners of a business, you need a legal buy-sell agreement! This book tells you why, and how to get one.

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Many business owners rarely think about the day when their business arrangement may change or even end; however, the fact remains that in every business with more than one owner, buy-sell agreements are extremely important documents to consider. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked in a business plan. Don't wait until a tragedy or conflict arises! Buy-Sell Agreements gives you everything you need to create a legal agreement that protects both the business and the interests of all partners involved.

Consider this example: two friends incorporate a start-up, with each holding half the shares. The business is quickly very successful. One of the partners dies in a traffic accident. There is no buy-sell agreement and the deceased partner has left his shares to his brother, who wants the business to pay dividends, not reinvest for growth.

That is the kind of problem a buy-sell agreement is designed to avoid: an "unfriendly" change in the equity holders of a business.

The book takes you through the planning and detail steps to preparing a buy-sell agreement, explaining concepts and providing examples so when you work with a lawyer to write up the agreement you will understand the issues and save a lot of time and expense.

In this book you will learn about:

  • What a buy-sell agreement is and the reasons for having one.
  • The three main types of buy-sell agreements: redemption agreements, cross purchase agreements, and hybrid agreements.
  • The possible triggering events, which are the events that bring a buy-sell agreement into action, together with the potential various responses in the buy-sell agreement to triggering events once one has occurred.
  • The different ways to pay for purchases pursuant to buy-sell agreements, including life insurance, and the impact of life insurance on valuation of the entity.
  • How valuation can work in buy-sell agreements, including how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) might value an interest in a family business entity.
  • Common errors that people make in buy-sell agreements.
  • Working with professional advisors.
  • A chapter written expressly for your professional advisors.
  • Seven examples of buy-sell agreements in action.

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ISBN 978-1-77040-814-2
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Author Details

Author Details - L. Paul Hood, Jr., Lawyer

L. Paul Hood, Jr. has worked closely with buy-sell agreements for more than 25 years. He is a widely quoted frequent speaker and his articles have been published in a number of journals, including Digest of Federal Tax Articles, Louisiana Bar Journal, and Tax Ideas. In addition to serving on the Louisiana Board of Tax Appeals, he was a sponsored speaker for distinguished law schools such as Duke, Georgetown, NYU, LSU, Tulane, and Loyola.


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