Greening Your Boat (EPUB)

A Successful Year-Round Plan

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-966-8

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While we pay close attention to the environmental impact of our cars, we don't notice how boats can significantly pollute and contaminate our waters and shorelines. This book guides you through safe, affordable practices to ensure your vessel is sustainable and environmentally efficient and how you can properly handle and even find alternatives for the many chemicals and solvents for its upkeep.

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When you think of vehicles and pollution, you probably think of cars and trucks. You may not think much about how leisure time on the water could be contaminating the planet, but your boat could be doing just that. Luckily, your boat and your boating adventures can be made more environmentally friendly with a little bit of time and effort. As Greening Your Boat shows, you can protect our waters and shores with a few easy steps. Author Ben van Drimmelen provides tips to cruise our oceans, lakes, and rivers with the environment top of mind. The changes you can make to your boat and your actions are simple and need not be expensive; they are mostly about making better choices and being aware of how what you do impacts the environment. This book offers affordable, practical advice to boat owners on best practices for keeping a more sustainable and environmentally efficient vessel. From choosing the best kind of fuel; handling waste management, recycling, and composting on board; picking the most environmentally friendly paints and cleaners; and thinking about how you can make a difference when you’re on land or by educating fellow boaters, the entire planet will benefit when you make one or all of the changes outlined in this book. Greening Your Boat guides new and experienced boaters alike on how to maintain a stronger standard of eco-friendliness on the water.

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Additional Info

Subtitle A Successful Year-Round Plan
Publication Date Apr 30, 2015
Market Global
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ISBN 978-1-77040-966-8
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Author Details

Author Details - Ben van Drimmelen

Ben van Drimmelen is a former lawyer and public servant who has been active in the environmental business as a forester, biologist, and lawyer for decades. He was involved in changes to legislation that finally allowed conservation organizations to hold conservation covenants in BC, and has been a director/board member of both the Land Trust Alliance of BC and the Canadian Land Trust Alliance.


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