About the Publisher

This is a blog by Richard Day, publisher at Self-Counsel Press, with occasional posts by other members of the team. The views expressed by Richard are his personal views and may not always reflect the views of company ownership.

Richard has been involved in publishing since the 1960s and has been involved with computers for almost as long. He has lived and worked in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

He has always been an early adopter of new technology in publishing, looking for better ways to produce and deliver content for books, magazines, newspapers, and newsletters. He started reading ebooks on a Palm PDA  in the late 1990s. He currently reads on an iPod Touch, an iPad, an iPhone, and occasionally on his laptop and desktop computers. He also reads on various ebook readers used in the office to test ebooks. He has strong opinions about the current and future state of publishing.

I’ll retire when I stop learning. — Richard

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