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If you’re looking to earn sales commissions by posting links from your website to our products, we have an established affiliate program. The program is manged by a service called If you’re interested in joining our affiliate program, we encourage you to sign-up with them. On their site you will find cover images of all our products that you can post on your website which will track commissions on all final sales.

Click HERE for the Sign-up form.

Click HERE for ShareASale’s terms of use.

It’s easy. All you have to do is create an AFFILIATE account on, find the SCP products you want to endorse, then copy & paste that HTML code into the back-end of your site. This creates an affiliate link (typically a cover image of the book) to the product page on our site. Everything else is taken care of by ShareAsale and Self-Counsel Press. The commission checks will be automatically mailed out whenever you reach the $50 threshold. You’ll never have to worry about processing orders, shipping, customer service, returns etc.

The ShareASale service allows you to consolidate affiliate sales, provides real time statistics, and pays you in a timely manner by check (or direct deposit). To learn more and become an affiliate selling Self-Counsel Press books and kits, go to HERE and sign up for the program.

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