Alberta Divorce Process Changing

Alberta has introduced, at short notice, a new process for divorce applications, together with new paperwork, starting on November 1st. We have prepared new instructions together with the new forms and they are available on the Updates page of current Alberta kits.

Good News

The Alberta legal system appears to have had a change of heart about forcing everyone to use the new forms immediately. Follow this link to see a PDF announcement made by the Alberta Courts in which they say that there is a 2 month grace period where clients can still file the “old” forms at the registries.

A new, downloadable divorce kit for Alberta containing the new forms and instructions for their use will be released in our Canadian web store shortly. A print version of the new Alberta kit will be available towards the end of November.

We are pleased that the scenario struck out below has not happened.

We do not know if the Alberta court registries will allow a grace period for new divorce applications to be filed using current forms on or after November 1st. They have normally done this in the past, but officials we have talked to are unable to say what will happen because they have not been told yet.

We think people who have invested time, effort, and emotion in preparing to file their divorrce applications should not be prevented from using current paperwork just because the date has changed from October to November. See our publisher’s comments here.

Not Good News

At the end of this past week (Friday, November 5) the Alberta Courts were still fiddling with the content and details of the new forms. We will not release updates for the current kit until we and our experts in Alberta are sure the changes have ended and there is a stable system to work with.


4 thoughts on “Alberta Divorce Process Changing

  1. I spoke to the Divorce Clerks at Court of Queen's Bench yesterday morning. They are, for now, still accepting the old forms.

  2. Thank you, Courtney, court officials have contacted us to confirm that the current forms will be accepted until the end of December and we have amended the article to reflect this.

    I am pleased to see that Alberta has “got it right” in this matter. BC failed miserably in the same situation in July, and put a lot of stress on the front-line workers in the registries, who on July 2nd were refusing forms they would have accepted on the last working day of June.

  3. I purchased the Alberta Divorce Kit and had the misfortune of attempting to file in November 2010…too close to the December 31st cut off date.

    I have been eagerly awaiting the upload of the new forms so that I can complete and file.

    Please advise when these forms will be available on this site.

    Many thanks.

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