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Barrett Tax Law by Dale Barrett

  • Beware The Net Worth Audit August 3, 2018
    Beware The Net Worth Audit (re-published from August 1, 2018 Dale Barrett Managing Partner Barrett Tax Law   Arguably, the cheapest, fastest, and dirtiest way in which the CRA can audit a taxpayer is by employing the “net worth” method. It throws all principals of good audit practice to the wind and allows the […]
  • Taxation of a Partnership – The Basics June 18, 2018
    June 18, 2018 By Vivian Esper Tax Lawyer Barrett Tax Law 1-866-278-8424 416-907-8429 TAXATION OF A PARTNERSHIP – THE BASICS The Canadian common law of all provinces defines a partnership as the relation that subsists between or amongst persons carrying on a business in common with a view of profit. Subsection 102(1) of the Income […]
  • AON Inc. – Current vs. Capital Expenditures April 24, 2018
    On September 6, 2017, the Tax Court released its decision of AON Inc. v. Canada 2015-1043 (IT) G ruling on the issue of classification of expenditures (current vs. capital). The Honourable Justice Gaston Jorre confirmed the established legal test used to determine the nature of the expenditures. In summary, Justice Jorre confirmed “enduring benefit” (most [… […]

Small Business Hell by Jack Borden

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Estate Law Canada by Lynne Butler

  • The revised Alberta Probate Kit is now available! And I'm giving one away. October 17, 2018
    Just a quick note to say two things. One is that the new, revised Alberta Probate Kit is now available in stores and online. No more waiting! Click here to buy your copy right from the publisher. The second thing is that I will give a free copy of the book (and of course, its accompanying download) to the first person who emails me at estatelawcanada@gmail.c […]
  • Obtaining a Clearance Certificate for an estate October 16, 2018
    Today I am providing a link to a very practical article posted on, a blog I read frequently. The blog is written by Mark Goodfield, a Canadian tax accountant, who shares his experience and knowledge about all sorts of tax situations. In this particular article - click here to read it - Mr. Goodfield talks about whether an executor […]
  • Contesting a Will Without a Lawyer: A DIY Guide for Canadians October 2, 2018
    It's finally ready! My newest book has been published by Self-Counsel Press and is now on its way to bookstores and online sellers. This latest book is a guide to getting your estate-related lawsuit into court. It explains the various grounds for contesting a will and describes in detail how to go about it. It contains all of the forms you'll need […]

Crook Publishing by Marion Crook

  • Finally, I’m surfacing August 30, 2018
    I sent the British Book Tour Mysteries out to several publishers in the middle of June. The first book is Hazards in Hampshire. I got an enthusiastic response from Coffeetown Press (near Seattle), and I am happy to have signed with them. They publish Hazel Holt,...
  • Writing for Teens and New Adults June 6, 2018
      by Marion Crook for Mama Reads Blog September 30, 2016 Writing for Teens and New Adults Teens are a collection of individuals with individual ideas, prejudices, concerns and hopes. They want novels that give them beauty and order, hope, a sense of power...
  • 7 Ways to Make a Young Reader’s Hair Stand Up June 6, 2018
    7 Ways to Make a Young Reader’s Hair Stand Up The Writers`Dig (Writers Digest) By: Guest Column | January 4, 2017  Marion Crook 7 Ways to Make a Young Reader’s Hair Stand Up 3 Children often want to get the thrill of suspense from their novels. It doesn’t...

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Estill & Long Attorneys & Counselers At Law

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Baking Fix by Mimi Shotland Fix

  • Making Fun Products April 17, 2017
    Bake Magazine shows us a fun idea for new bakery offerings – incorporate colorful and familiar breakfast cereals to create your own unique products. “Cereal adds a crunch to something sweet, and cereal flavors can be paired with dessert flavors to find scrumptious combinations. Additionally, they look visually appealing as many breakfast cereals have unique […]
  • Home Kitchens Meet the Bun Pan Rack March 21, 2017
    Does your business baking turn your kitchen into a hunt for space? Do you dread the holiday production nightmare? I often receive questions from home bakers asking for help with this problem, especially when I show photos from my baking classes with this wonderful piece of equipment: If you have a home-based food business you […]
  • Chocolate Walnut Strudel February 2, 2017
    Chocolate Walnut Strudel is a nice, fast strudel, especially for times of the year when there’s no local/seasonal fruits. And everyone loves chocolate, no matter what the time of year. Use your favorite pie dough. Sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar/cocoa. Top with chopped walnuts (toasted nuts makes a better product) and chocolate chunks. Roll up, place seam […]

Tanya Lee Howe

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Managing your Medicare by George Jacobs

  • The Part D Low Income Subsidy (“Extra Help”) in 2015 October 13, 2014
     Requirements to Become Eligible for Extra HelpThis reviews the two main requirements for the Part D low income subsidy (LIS), that is, “Extra Help,” and also indicates what the basic structure of the Part D benefit looks like for those who qualify for it during 2015.  The two main requirements are, of course, low income and few resources.At this point in ti […]
  • PART D FOR 2015 October 9, 2014
    Get Ready Now for Medicare Open Enrollment - Part D Changes for 2015It’s less than two weeks to Medicare Open Enrollment, so it’s time for you to get familiar with what will change in 2015 and what you need to do now to prepare for it. Of extreme importance is that the Annual Election Period (the open enrollment period) will begin on Wednesday, October 15 an […]
  • Changes in Medicare Deductibles, Premiums, etc. for 2014 - Parts B, A, C, D November 9, 2013
    Part BMost of the Medicare annual change amounts have been released for 2014, and the good news is that the Part B premium and deductible will not change.  That is, the Part B monthly premium will stay at $140.90, and the annual deductible at $147.  This is particularly nice for beneficiaries as your Social Security cost-of-living increase will only be 1.5%, […]

Authors K-R


  • KeatsConnelly Welcomes New Team Members August 11, 2018
    KeatsConnelly welcomes four cross-border financial professionals who recently joined our team.Read more ›
  • Our services only keep getting better! August 11, 2018
    KeatsConnelly is committed to exploring and implementing improvements that will help us exceed our clients’ expectations. We have recently added a dedicated Cross-Border Team to focus on the unique services we provide to assist our clients with customized cross-border strategies…Read more ›
  • Event: The Tax Transformation in Calgary (Oct 26, 2017) October 18, 2017
    If you are a business or individual on either side of the border, this event is your chance to learn how to take advantage of the upcoming tax changes and learn how they may impact you!Read more ›

The Caregiver Network: Blog by Rick Lauber

  • Wouldn’t Caregiving be Easier with an Extra Set of Hands? April 27, 2017
    Caregivers can hear plenty of advice about the many benefits of taking respite from their work with an aging loved one; however, they don’t always follow those recommendations. These aren’t just empty words … breaking away to do something just for you does offer you rewards and isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. One […] The post Wouldn’t Caregiving be […]
  • Question Your Own Care April 3, 2017
    Caregivers field questions from others on a regular basis. Well-meaning friends and/or colleagues can often ask “How’s your Mom / Dad doing?” “How are you doing?” might be a better question to ask. Caregiving involves more than just one person and the job can – and does – take its toll on those who help […] The post Question Your Own Care appeared first on H […]
  • Respite Helps Caregivers Through Holiday Hell February 15, 2017
    Love is in the air … leprechauns will be leaping … and a rabbit will soon be delivering chocolate eggs. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter are the first holidays of each new year. Normally very joyous days, these holidays can make life even more difficult for family caregivers. Holidays (along with possible birthdays […] The post Respite Helps Ca […]

Rick Lauber’s personal website can be found here.

Baker Street Agency by Katherine Matak

  • Tomato Soup and Tricks of the Trade April 13, 2017
    Last summer I ran out of time to make all my tomato sauces so instead I chose to freeze the extra 40lbs. of tomatoes.  That was probably one of the best moments of the year.  These tomatos have ended up becoming some of the easiest and best soups I have ever made.  Remember I am […]
  • SURVEILLANCE AND PIZZAS! February 21, 2017
    Maintaining a blog is another job on the toolkit requirements  for small business!  Although it has been on my to-do-list now for eleven months I found myself having difficulty deciding what to write about.  After all this is an investigative blog that provides you with some great recipes.  Additionally you are supposed to laugh about the […]
  • Sleuthing at the Stove -Plums and Social Media April 28, 2016
    There is no doubt that everyone in their working life will make a mistake – might be small or might be large.  In business clients can become upset over many things.  Sometimes they are upset because they owe money and they have decided to not pay it.  I remember learning about the gratitude scale at […]

Advice by Darcy Matheson

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Learning to Commit by Avrum Nadigel
Authors S-Z

Script Gods Must Die

ThinkMOVE by Tim Sitt

Steve Slaunwhite

  • 6 “Prep” Questions That Will Help You Write Better Marketing Copy, Faster February 7, 2018
     Quick question: Would you attempt a cookbook recipe without first getting all the ingredients together? (Actually, I would. Which is why my wife doesn’t let me near the kitchen!) When writing marketing copy, getting the “ingredients” together is just as important. You need to have a general idea of what you’re going the say […] The post 6 “Prep” Questions […]
  • How to Begin Your Sales Copy With a Story January 31, 2018
     When I’m running copywriting workshops, two of the most popular questions I get is: “How do I begin my sales copy? How do I kick it off in a way that’s compelling and holds the prospect’s attention?” “I’ve heard storytelling can boost my response and conversion rates. How do I use stories in my […] The post How to Begin Your Sales Copy With a Story appeare […]
  • How to Plan an Email Follow-up Campaign January 24, 2018
    Okay. You’re sitting down to write a series of follow-up emails to those who’ve attended a webinar or downloaded a white paper. You know those emails are key to driving more conversions, so they’ve got to be good. What are you going to say in each of those messages? Obviously, each email can’t be essentially […] The post How to Plan an Email Follow-up Campai […]

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