BC Divorce Process Changing

UPDATED JULY 5 and 24: The procedure to apply for a divorce in British Columbia was changed effective July 1st, 2010, when new Supreme Court Family Rules came into effect in the province. The changes affect the forms and procedures used in applying for an uncontested divorce.

The new procedures and forms have been designed to (somewhat) simplify the divorce process. The forms have been simplified and made a bit easier to understand, with plainer language used in places where formal legal terms tended to be used in the past.

The new procedures require less work for a joint application and more work for a sole application — all applications for an uncontested divorce will require the participation of both spouses.

Self-Counsel Kits

New, downloadable divorce kits for Sole applicants and Joint applicants are available in our web store. We anticipate receiving new printed kits into stock in early August.

We are being told that some court registries were declining to accept new filings which use the old forms from July 2nd, but are allowing people who filed their initial papers before the end of June to continue.

If you have a BC Divorce Kit that you purchased within the past year, please install the CD and then use the link on the first page of the instructions to get updated forms and instructions.

4 thoughts on “BC Divorce Process Changing

  1. I just bought a kit and now its old!!!!! Is the new one out yet, I phoned and the lady said I could get the new forms from this sight?

  2. Yes I had my joint divorce kit filled out an the lady at the court house refused to accept them as the laws changed as of july1/10, an they were told not to accept the kits as of july 1/10. I finally got my ex to sign the papers an they were refused due to the new forms which I am still unable to get in Port Alberni B.C when are these available to consumers an why are the stores still selling the old kits??? Why such a issue when the old kits are being sold an this just adds to the stress of divorce!

    1. It doesn't matter which spouse is “Claimant 1” and which is “Claimant 2” — the only requirement is consistency in completing the documents.Richard DayPublisher Self-Counsel Press

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