BC: Partnerships & Proprietorships

The British Columbia Registry Services have made some changes to how proprietorships and partnerships are registered. Form 2 and Form 3 of the Partnership Regulation have had the words “residential or registered address” removed and the address for a proprietor or partner is now defined to be a residential address only if the partner or proprietor is an individual.

Form 2 and Form 3 have also been changed into two separate forms each for partnerships and proprietorships. Both new forms have a new Contact section for the registry to collect an email address, phone number or fax number. The new forms are called:

  • Statement of Registration Sole Proprietorship
  • Statement of Registration General Partnership
  • Dissolution or Change of Proprietorship Registration
  • Dissolution or Change of Partnership Registration

Online Only

Registry Services says that 98% of the registrations of a partnership or proprietorship were being completed online in 2011, so they are not currently providing printed copies of the Statement of Registration forms. People who want a printed copy can download and print the forms via the BC Registry Services website.

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