The Benefits of Greening Your Office

Green conceptThe main reason to go green in your office is to help improve the state of the environment. Whether your motivation comes as a result of a local initiative or global incident, there are quick and easy solutions and ways to tackle the bigger issues that you may be facing in your organization’s quest to save the planet!

There are many positive spin-offs that can follow a green initiative, which includes improving your bottom line and your brand image as well as giving back to your community. Let’s take a look at this quick overview of the benefits of going green:

  1. Saving money. In many ways, going green is about gaining efficiencies and using resources wisely. Even the smallest behavior change in the office, such as turning off lights and computers, can reduce your annual energy costs. Video conferencing is an easy way to save time, money, and the environment because globally air travel is the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for office-based businesses. You can also save money with green office products that are durable, refillable, and repairable.
  2. Improving your brand image. Businesses that want to make meaningful connections with their clients and consumers are looking for ways to go green and improve their public image. A growing base of consumers resonate with businesses that are conscious of their environmental footprint. Having your organizational values align with those of your clients and consumers will help build your brand and increase your marketing reach. Strong environmental values have also been found to attract skilled employees and improve their commitment to being a part of your workplace.
  3. Giving back to your community.  Going green in the office can help support local nonprofits and organizations that are working on environmental conservation and social well-being. Whether you want to give directly to an environmental organization or support a local event, you will help build awareness about these groups while supporting and connecting to their causes. Community events and organizations not only have a direct impact in your community but they can also be very effective in generating positive news articles and stories with which your business will be associated.

Leading businesses and organizations are pursuing green office efforts because it can help them identify cost savings, build employee morale, and help them reduce their environmental footprint. If you’re thinking of joining the group of environmentally conscious companies, Greening Your Office by Jill Doucette and Lee Johnson will get you started!

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