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Selling Ebooks Globally

When I go shopping online for ebooks to buy and read, one of my great frustrations is finding a book I want to buy and then getting a message from the online retailer that I cannot buy it because I live in Canada, even when I can often buy the print version of the same book at my local bookstore! Continue reading

Alberta Gets Divorce Right

After numerous telephone calls and emails (by us and to us), I was very pleased to report earlier today that the Alberta authorities have done the right thing and granted a “grace period” extending to the end of December, for people in the province to use the “pre November 2010” forms in their divorce applications. Continue reading

Divorce, Taxpayers, and Government

Updated November 1st. In July this year, British Columbia changed the process by which a resident could personally apply for and obtain a divorce in the province. Alberta is about to change its process. Both provinces are setting bad precedents. Continue reading

Google Editions versus Google Books

With the impending full launch of Google Editions, I suspect there will be more than a little confusion between Google Editions and Google Books. They are not the same, and should not be seen as such. Continue reading

Perfecting the Customer Experience

Ted Topping, co-author of Start & Run a Retail Business, is co-presenting a 3-day workshop at Disneyland in California in November. Ted says, “This is the most engaging, interactive and effective workshop program I have been involved with in more than 25 years in the business.” Continue reading

Pricing Strategies for Small Business

Andrew Gregson, author of Pricing Strategies for Small Business, has rebuilt his website and blog, adding resources and information relating to his book. Andrew is a frequent public speaker and if you are interested in how to price better so you can compete with large companies, you should be watching for notices of his speaking engagements and workshops.

Romance Writing Blog

Vanessa Grant, author of Self-Counsel′s Writing Romance as well as two dozen novels (which have sold over 10-million copies in 15 languages, had finally rebuilt her website! We say “finally” because Vanessa has been involved with the web for a very long time, and was a pioneer among authors in having her own site … although it was looking a little dated before this change. The new site is great, with lots of information about Vanessa′s novels, and a blog where readers can discuss her posts and books.

If you read romance novels, or are a writer, the new website is a must-visit! A link is in the panel on the right of this page.

Digital Versus Print

I made the switch to reading books in digital form in 2008, when I bought a Sony reader. I had experimented with reading books in digital form for many years before that, but found reading on devices like my various Palm and other PDAs a bit awkward and anyway there were not many books available that I wanted to read. How things have changed! Continue reading