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Advertising to Gen Y: Understanding Them Key to Catching on to the “Hip” Revolution

As Baby Boomers age, there is a growing need for advertisers to acknowledge Generation Y, or “Gen Y” consumers, who are dominating the marketplace of the present and the future.

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How Canada’s Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (FISA — Bill C-28) affects marketers and businesses

The Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act, or FISA, is the new anti-spam bill passed by the Government of Canada in December, 2010. One of its main provisions is that marketers and commercial enterprises have to have the consent of recipients before sending them any unsolicited electronic messages.

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Market to a Target: Appealing Websites Are Key to Consumer Interest

Your online business is well established, with a presence that has already generated some interest. You’ve got a few reliable customers and you’re making a tidy profit off of your services. But your profit margins are either stagnant, or they’re wilting in the midst of a weak economy — despite your best marketing efforts. What can you do to help boost interest in your online company?

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Marketing Your Business through Seminars

Do you need a new way to market your business? Are traditional ways of advertising not getting the results you want? Is public speaking and talking to people something you enjoy doing? Then perhaps running a seminar to enhance awareness of your business and/or service is something you should consider.

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Improving Business to Business Websites

A reader of our books recently asked, “How do I market through my business-to-business website?” Which got me thinking about how B2B sites face most of the same challenges as business-to-consumer sites; how so many B2B websites are really bad; and how B2B could easily be improved. Continue reading

What Dan Furman Did to Combat the Recession

In my last article, I discussed how using silly clichés and the like in the face of a recession and shrinking sales is … well … silly. I also said you need to recognize the recession exists and then start doing something about it.

I went through this myself. I noticed this past spring that my contacts from my website were dwindling. Since my contacts are the lifeblood of my business (generally, every client I get and writing project I do starts with a contact from my website), I knew something had to change.

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Effective Advertising for under $100!

All business owners have one thing in common: We need customers!

Unfortunately, it costs money to get them into your store, money that most of us just don’t have to blow. Advertising is expensive, and most of the time we can’t even tell if it worked! Did we just blow thousands of dollars on a coupon pack that no one will read? Will anyone call about the ad I put in the newspaper? Are my expensive flyers sitting in someone’s trash can? We’ve all been there. A persuasive salesman comes into our business, paints the rosy picture of phones ringing off the hook and orders coming in faster than we can fill them, and the next thing you know, we’ve just written a large check we can barely afford.

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Advanced Twitter Techniques for Your Small Business

If you’ve started to use Twitter to promote your small business, you may have asked yourself, “why do I keep seeing “@” signs in other people’s tweets?” And “What are hash tags and”

Here’s a very quick primer on these often-used Twitter techniques.

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Stop This “I’m Not Participating in Any Recession” Nonsense and DO Something

If you’ve read any of my books, you know I don’t like the soft clichés that many businesspeople tend to use. I recall once when a sales manager trotted out the well-worn “There is no ‘I’ in team,” I commented, “Yeah, but if you look real hard, you’ll find ‘me’.” (Note: I didn’t last long at that job … heck, I didn’t last long at any job. But I digress.)

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Using Social Media to Sell

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, and blogs are getting a lot of attention from marketers, and generating a lot of confusion. Should you use these media? How should you use them? How do you evaluate your results? Continue reading