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Business Plans Essential to Success

There are many important things to consider when opening and operating your own business, but starting off with a realistic and well-written business plan is paramount to long-term success.

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Should You Open a Tattoo and Body Piercing Business?

Are you thinking of opening your own tattoo or body piercing shop? Now may be a great time to do it, as there is a growing acceptance of tattoos in mainstream North American culture; you could even say there’s a spotlight on tattooing thanks to popular TV shows like Miami Ink, LA Ink, and Inked.

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Should I Start a Bed & Breakfast or Just Rent out My Suite?

Do you have an unused suite available in your home? If so, you may have looked at renting out that extra space in order to help to generate income.

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Should I Start a Home-Based Food Business?

Do you love to bake or cook? Would you like to earn money doing what you love without leaving the comfort of your home?

For anyone who loves to bake or cook, the idea of turning a hobby into a source of income is enticing, especially in slow economic times when jobs are scarce. With minimal start-up money, anyone can turn their talent into a lucrative business. But how does one go about turning this interest into a money-making venture?

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Is a Catering Business the Right Business for You?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cook and serve your own delicious recipes to others? Do you have a strong business ethic as well as a passion for food and events? Perhaps the catering business seems like the next big business venture that you could consider pursuing.

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Distribution Options for Online Businesses

There has been a lot of interest in starting online retail businesses lately. All of the necessary components to start one are accessible and readily available so it has never been easier.

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Opportunity in Divorce?

Debenhams,the 232-year-old British department store retailer, has broken new ground in the “gift registry” business and has launched what is thought to be the UK’s first ‘divorce gift list’ for couples ending the marital relationship.

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Get the Most out of Going into Business

Cautious news that the Canadian economy may finally be headed for recovery has many laid-off workers considering their options.

For the legions left holding pink slips in the wake of the economic storm, a severance package could provide start-up capital needed to open a business.

When going the entrepreneurial route, however, the first thing to consider is whether to start from scratch or purchase a franchise.

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Small-Business Growth via the Internet

The iridescent glow of computer screens on detached faces and the rhythmic tapping of fingers on minuscule QWERTY keyboards is a common scene wherever you look these days. The Internet has come to absorb and intertwine itself into every notion of daily life and work. PDAs and laptops allow us to be constantly connected, even when we least want to be. Parents text message their children in school, friends call each other between classes, and bosses send emails about the major project deadline at the end of the week.

While many of us can simply press a button to turn off our mobile devices and breathe a sigh of relief for just a moment, for others, life and work is the Internet.

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Environmental Issues and Your Start-Up

A modern business plan needs to address the possible impact of the business on the environment. Lenders know that negative publicity about environmental problems in a business can reflect badly on the people financing the business, so they want to know that you have thought carefully about the environment in your planning. Continue reading