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Meet the Author: Tim Sitt

We’ve all probably heard it: Sitting is the new smoking. We spend way too much time sitting at our desks and assume occasional exercising will negate its bad impact. But will it?
Today you’ll have a chance to meet Tim Sitt who is the author of Move or Die (February 2017). In his first book Tim Sitt claims that “sedentary life is killing us and movement, not exercise, can save us.” Where did the idea for this book originate from?

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Greening Your Community: Food Waste

This is an excerpt from Greening Your Community: Strategies for Engaged Citizens, published by Self-Counsel Press | Spring 2015

According to a policy brief issued in 2008 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, close to half of all food produced is wasted in transit, at grocery stores, and in our kitchens. The authors state that the food crisis we face is not one of production, but one of waste. The policy brief asks governments to reduce food waste in half by 2025. Food waste is increased as the steps to process and ship the food increases. It is also something to be aware of in your own home, at work functions, and in schools. Continue reading