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Financial Planning for Older Couples

When you are retired, but still have your physical and mental health, you should take a fresh look at your financial plans, your estate plan and will, and how you and your spouse communicate. Health changes can be sudden in one’s later years, and in bad cases can have a very negative impact on your ability to think through and deal with issues.

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Your Digital Legacy

As our world becomes increasingly digital, it is worth taking a fresh look at the possible consequences of the changes we are witnessing and participating in. As I grow older, I become more aware of the question, “What happens to all this when I die?”

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Divorce and Social Media

Just a few years ago, newspaper headlines were talking about how “virtual worlds” such as Second Life were being cited in divorce actions. Those articles have gone away, but new ones have arrived with different social sites and surprising statisics.

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Video on Writing Your Will

write-your-legal-will-cover-largeTom Carter, Canadian author of Write Your Legal Will in 3 Easy Steps, was recently interviewed on the noon hour news at CTV in Edmonton. Carter discusses the steps to writing your own will, whether you can do it yourself or need a lawyer, and addresses changes to the Wills Act in Alberta.

Please note that your computer needs to have speakers or headphones for you to hear the audio.

About The Video This refers to the Canadian book Write Your Legal Will in 3 Easy steps, available in our Web store.

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New Wills Law for Alberta

[Updated] This is a summary of Alberta’s new Wills and Succession Act, which came into force on February 1st 2012. The new Act repeals the Wills Act, Intestate Succession Act, Dependents’ Relief Act,, Survivorship Act, and s. 47 Trustee Act. It also amends the Amends Matrimonial Property Act (MPA) to allow for MPA applications after death of spouse.

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New Wills Law for BC


This is a summary of British Columbia’s new Wills, Estates, and Succession Act, which was to come into force in early 2012 and has been delayed to Spring 2013. The new Act repeals the Estate Administration Act, Probate Recognition Act, Wills Act, Wills Variation Act, and sections of the Law and Equity Act, and Survivorship and Presumption of Death Act.

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Writing a Will without a Lawyer

Whether you are young, old, healthy, or sick, leaving a will is an important task that should be done by all individuals. Granted, it can be stressful to think about what should happen in the case of your death, whether sudden or expected. But leaving a valid will can give you peace of mind and unburden your loved ones who are sure to face legal complexities should you pass away without a will.

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Alberta Divorce Process Changing

Alberta has introduced, at short notice, a new process for divorce applications, together with new paperwork, starting on November 1st. We have prepared new instructions together with the new forms and they are available on the Updates page of current Alberta kits. Continue reading