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Meet the Author: John Deans

Flying a drone is an exciting hobby – and it offers a lot of opportunities to make money! If you’re a wannabe drone entrepreneur there are certain things you need to do before launching your business: get a drone (of course!), apply for appropriate certification, and… get the new fully updated edition of Become a U.S. Commercial Drone Pilot by John Deans! Why is this book a must read for drone pilots? The author explains in today’s interview.

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Meet the Author: Angela Crocker

You cannot underestimate the value of good content. Yet, many business owners still struggle to plan, organize, and create content which will align with their businesses’ mission. If you’re interested in planning and organizing your content in a better, more efficient way, be on the lookout for the new book on this subject coming this February: The Content Planner by Angela Crocker. And today you have a chance to meet its author.

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Meet the Author: Marion Crook

If you’re an aspiring author and you’d like to write for the younger audience, make sure you are on the lookout for this title in September! Writing for Children and Young Adults (3rd edition) will be published in Obtober 2016, and today you’ll get a chance to get to know its author, Marion Crook.

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Meet the Author: Jay Currie

The topic of marijuana retailing is getting hotter each day. Are you thinking of opening your own dispensary or pot shop? Good news, a new book on starting and running such a business is coming out in September! Meet Jay Currie, the author of Start & Run a Marijuana Dispensary or Pot Shop (October 2016).

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Meet the Author: Dale Walters

We have some great books coming up this fall, and this summer we’d like you to get to know the amazing authors who are behind them.

Let us introduce you to the first author of the upcoming season: Dale Walters, the author of Buying Real Estate in the US (2nd edition, October 2016). Dale Walters is well known to Self-Counsel Readers after having published three books with us. This fall his very first book is going to its second edition. Continue reading

Great Launch for Greening Your Pet Care!

Photo by Anil Sharma

Photo by Anil Sharma

Photo by: Anil Sharma

Photo by: Anil Sharma

People love their pets. People are concerned about the environment. If we ever wondered if that was true, the question got wiped away on the evening of June 27th when close to 50 people gathered at Book Warehouse on Main Street in Vancouver to meet author Darcy Matheson and hear her speak about her newly published book, Greening Your Pet Care. Continue reading

Author event: Darcy Matheson’s book signing in Vancouver

Please note: The date of the event has changed to June 27th.

On June the 27th, 2016 (Monday) at 7 pm Darcy Matheson will visit Book Warehouse on Main Street in Vancouver, BC, to talk about her new book, Greening Your Pet Care. Bring your copy of the book — you can buy it at Book Warehouse — and Darcy will sign it for you! She will also answer any questions you may have about greener pet care. Continue reading

Book event: Jack Borden’s book signing in Kelowna, BC

On March the 19th, 2016 (Saturday) at 12 pm Jack Borden will visit Mosaic Books in Kelowna, BC. He will sign his new book, Avoid Small-Business Hell. The book signing will take two hours (until 2 pm) so you will get a chance to talk to Jack about Small Business Hell. Continue reading

Book event: Jack Borden’s book signing in Vernon, BC


On March the 5th, 2016 (Saturday) at 2 pm Jack Borden will visit Bookland in Vernon, BC. He will sign his new book, Avoid Small-Business Hell, and talk about how entrepreneurs can avoid making mistakes which can put their business in jeopardy. Continue reading

How I Fought My Cyberbully


Debbie Elicksen is the author of our new book Business Cyberbullies and How to Fight Back. Her inspiration to write the book came from a personal experience she had with a former client turned cyberbully which she talks about below. Our hope is that through telling her story, she gives those of you dealing with online harassment the courage to fight back. For everyone else, let hers be a lesson to be proactive and learn about the simple steps you can take to protect your reputation online. Continue reading