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In the News: Good Morning San Diego and Holly Berkley

Holly Berkley, our very own social media marketing expert and author of Low-Budget Online Marketing (available in our Canadian and American shops) and Marketing in the New Media (also available in Canada and the United States), recently appeared on Good Morning San Diego! 

The topic? Teenagers’ Texting Addictions.

Watch the full clip here: Texting Addictions

In the News: The Globe and Mail and Tony Wilson

Did you know?

Tony Wilson, author of Buying a Franchise in Canada recently landed his own column in The Globe and Mail‘s Your Business section!

Visit his page: The Globe and Mail with Tony Wilson

Every other week, Tony’s column touches on the topics of franchising, contracts, branding, and other legal topics pertaining to starting and running a small business.

In the News: Tax This! and CNNMoney

Just one day prior to the tax deadline, interviews our very own Scott Estill, author of Tax This! An Insider’s Guide to Standing Up to the IRS. Scott advises CNN viewers on how to avoid a tax audit. 

View: How to Avoid a Tax Audit



In the News: and Lynn Spry

Lynn Spry, co-author of 19 Ways to Survive: Small Business Strategies for a Tough Economy,  just published an article on

Lynn shares her knowledge and wisdom gained from running a small business with her husband and co-author of the book, Philip Spry. Through much trial and error, they both realized that many of the things they’d based their business strategy on were wrong and this article disspells the five most common myths that many small-business owners treat as truths and can ultimately prevent them from becoming successful.

Read: How to Go From Dying to Thriving – Give up your belief in 5 myths that are simply bad for business.

In the News: Investor’s Business Daily and Scott Estill

“I would rather owe money to the mob than to the IRS” says Scott Estill, author of Tax This! in an article published by Investor’s Business Daily.

Read: Better Mind The Tax Man.

In the News: S.E. Calgary News & Lynne Butler

A great interview by Markham Hislop in the S.E. Calgary News, about Lynne Butler and her widely publicized book, Protect Your Elderly Parents: Become Your Parents’ Guardian or Trustee.

For the full interview and video clip, click here.

In the News: The North Shore News & Tony Wilson

The North Shore News just published a great feature story on Tony Wilson and his book Buying a Franchise in Canada.

What are the pros and cons of buying a franchise? Are you better off starting your own business or buying into a franchise? These questions, and more, were tackled in an in-depth interview. Read the full article here!

In the News: The National Post & Tony Wilson

The National Post published a great interview with Tony Wilson of Buying a Franchise in Canada.

Here’s an excerpt:

An increase in first-time franchisees, many of which are laid-off workers who’ve received a golden handshake in the past year, is causing some experts to warn potential franchisees about exactly what they are getting into.

Franchises aren’t buying anything. They’re renting the rights to a brand and that contract will expire at some date and, even if the contract is renewed, franchisees could be in for some significant costs to update or renovate their locations.

Read the article: Beware costly surprises in your contract.

In the News: The Globe & Mail and Robert Keats

Robert Keats, author of The Border Guide was recently interviewed by The Globe & Mail in an article entitled ‘Warm vacation wanted – will pay cash‘.

Here’s an excerpt:

Canadians are still heading south of the border to snap up warm-weather vacation homes, but, unlike other foreign buyers, many snowbirds are now skipping the mortgage process entirely and paying cash for their home away from home….

According to the U.S. National Association of Realtors (NAR), the number of Canadian buyers who used cash to pay for U.S. properties jumped to 81 per cent in 2009 from 47 per cent in 2007. Canadians were also twice as likely as any other foreign buyers to pay in cash. A recent report found that risk-averse Canadian households are sitting on up to $1-trillion in cash and near-cash holdings.

In the News: ABC 7 and Mimi Fix

Mimi Fix recently appeared on on ABC 7’s NY Viewpoint with Ken Rosato. She talked about what it takes to start your own food business and her humble beginnings as an unemployed, single mother trying to run a business. She also gives tips and advice on how to start your own food business.

Click the link to open a new window and view the full NY Viewpoint interview on how to start your food business.