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Frugal Wedding: Preparing Your Guest List

Preparing the guest list can be the hardest part of the whole planning process, but there’s no cause for despair. It’s the single highest-impact wedding element to economize. Guest numbers are the largest individual component of the entire wedding price, because each guest increases the costs in the major expense areas — venue and catering.

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Financial Education: Creating an Emergency Fund

It is important for young adults to get into the habit of setting aside an emergency fund to handle living expenses for a given period as it also gets them in the mindset of being prepared for other, bigger problems such as home repairs.

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Careful Course Selection as the First Step to a Solid Well-Paying Career

The summer is in full bloom but the beginning of another school year is not that far from now, which means you’re one year closer to graduating and starting your career. What you do throughout the school years, though, can significantly influence how successful you’ll be in your career.

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Assessing Your Adult Child’s Financial Situation

In last week’s article we discussed how to talk with your child about their financial situation. Once you’ve initiated the conversation and are willing to financially assist your adult child, here’s the next step you should take. Continue reading

How to Prepare for the Money Talk with Your Kids

It is bound to be awkward, but if kids expect their parents to be forthcoming with financial assistance, the  parents need to have an idea of where their children are financially. Simply laying out their student-loan totals to demonstrate how poor they are isn’t enough information. You and the children need to figure out their overall financial situation. It cannot be a simple single question, “Here’s how much I need for my goal, can you afford to pay it?” Continue reading

Popular Cross-Border Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions Canadians who live a cross-border lifestyle have about living, visiting, and investing in the United States. In his best-selling book, The Border Guide. The Ultimate Guide to Living, Working, and investing across the Border, Robert Keats aims at dispelling some of the more common cross-border misconceptions: Continue reading

How To Assess Your Spending Habits – And Plan a Personal Budget

Do you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck? Do you worry about how you can make your next credit card payments? Even worse, do you feel helpless when you try to think about how you’ll ever manage to retire at 65 (let alone “freedom 55”) or do you try not to think about it all? Most important, do you feel overwhelmed at the idea of coming up with a personal budgeting kit? Continue reading

How To Find Your Wedding Bliss

If you’re one of the lucky bride or grooms-to-be getting married this summer, you’re likely spending your free time meeting with vendors, checking out venues, tasting cakes (and hopefully wine!), and choosing blooms. A process that starts out fun but can quickly turn overwhelming. The truth is, weddings are a MULTIBILLION-dollar industry that is trying to persuade you to buy buy buy. It’s hard not to get carried away when millions of marketing dollars are screaming: “It’s your big day!” and to “Go nuts!” Continue reading

Getting Re-married Later in Life: Some Estate Planning Considerations


As people live longer, healthier, more active lives these days, it is not at all unusual to see marriages between individuals in their 60s, 70s and beyond. If you are among these happy folks, it is important that you turn your mind to estate planning. Booking the honeymoon in the Bahamas or working on the guest list is a lot more fun than thinking about your eventual demise, but there are plenty of people in your life who are depending on you to get this right, legally and financially. Continue reading