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Video on Renting Recreational Property

renting-recreational-property-cover-large CTV’s Canada AM interviewed Heather Bayer, author of Renting Your Recreational Property for Profit about the pros and cons of renting your vacation property.

Heather provides useful tips and advice on what owners should know and how owners of recreational properties such as cottages can rent them out successfully.

About This Video This refers to the book Renting Your Recreational Property for Profit, available in our Web store.

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Video on Home Staging

do-your-own-home-staging-cover-largeTina Parker, author of Do Your Own Home Staging was a guest on Eastlink Television. The camera crew followed her for a day while she was home staging a condo just in time to get it listed on MLS. She also gave tips and advice on the dos and don’ts of home staging and talked about the importance of visual marketing your home via placement of furniture and household items.

About This Video This refers to the book Do Your Own Home Staging, available in our Web store.

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Landlording and Record-Keeping

The first rule of landlording is: Always use proper documentation. Whether you’re renting out a basement suite, a separate apartment, or just a room in your house, remember that it is your property that you are temporarily entrusting to another individual. It is your right as the owner of that property to ensure it is protected, and it is your responsibility to keep documentation of any and all agreements or transactions which occur between you and your tenant. This is true at any stage of the landlord-tenant relationship: pre-tenancy, during tenancy, and as your tenant is leaving.

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Mapping Electrical Loads

A power audit will help you identify possible overload problems, and it will help you maintain a safer electrical system in your home. A good circuit map will let you know at a glance, which circuits are overloaded and which are still available for additional use. Continue reading