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Advice for Sandwich Caregivers


Caregiving is a tough job and for the growing number of families who are responsible for both their aging parents and dependent children, the responsibility can feel like climbing an endless mountain. The collective physical, financial and mental toll can be exhausting and even more so if you’re also attempting to juggle a career and personal time. Continue reading

How To Find Your Wedding Bliss

If you’re one of the lucky bride or grooms-to-be getting married this summer, you’re likely spending your free time meeting with vendors, checking out venues, tasting cakes (and hopefully wine!), and choosing blooms. A process that starts out fun but can quickly turn overwhelming. The truth is, weddings are a MULTIBILLION-dollar industry that is trying to persuade you to buy buy buy. It’s hard not to get carried away when millions of marketing dollars are screaming: “It’s your big day!” and to “Go nuts!” Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Fight Spurs Cross-Canada Bike Ride

Almost three months and more than 5,000 kilometres after beginning, Tanya Lee Howe and Jocelyn Rawleigh’s bike ride across Canada to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease is almost complete.

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Applying for Work by Email

These days, most job applications are made by email. The typical application arrives as an email message with an attached document outlining the sender’s qualifications and experience. The email is where the first mistakes happen.

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Technology and Your Job

In 1977 the Internet had 70 million users. Today it has over 2.2 billion users. What does this mean to you, as a company employee or as a job-seeker? It means that knowledge of technology is now a job requirement.

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Caregiving Requires Realistic Look at Abilities

Even if you are not a caregiver now, there is a high chance that you may act as a caregiver for a loved one at some point in the future, whether you are husband or wife, child, or friend.

Caregivers provide assistance that addresses someone’s mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual needs. Your role as a caregiver can exist on different levels and encompass varying responsibilities, but regardless of the type of caregiver you are, you provide valuable assistance to someone who needs it.

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Shorter, More Frequent Study Sessions Lead to Success

Most people seem to prefer studying in big chunks of time. Students seem to have a habit of cramming everything into several big study sessions during each semester. This method, however, has been shown to be less effective for long-term learning than spacing out study with short, frequent sessions (known as distributed practice).

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Caregiving Tip: Remember to Care for Yourself

It’s an oft-ignored concept by caregivers, yet it remains so important. When you do not properly care for yourself, how can you properly care for a parent? Whether you are independently or jointly caring for your aging parents, you must remember to also care for yourself.

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How Does Birth Order Affect Your Personality?

Who are you? When you are asked this question, what considerations do you take into account? Likely, you look at your personality traits: Maybe you’re a strong leader; perhaps “compassionate” is a term that best describes you; or maybe you’re energetic and upbeat.

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