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Medicare 2013 Updates

Readers of Managing Your Medicare can now use the “check for updates” link from the CD packaged with the book to download updated information about Medicare in 2013. The updates in the download package (a 1mb ZIP file) include:

  • Appeal steps for 2013
  • A new worksheet for Medigap Standard Policies
  • A new Part D Benefit Table
  • A Part D Extra Help Benchmark Premiums by State list
  • Six gender- and age-specific Prevention Tables

Medicare Premiums in 2012: Payments, Penalties, Surtaxes, and More

As we transition to a new calendar year, it’s a good time to bring together information on Medicare premiums, how much they are, how they are paid, how late enrollment penalties work, how the relatively new high-income surtaxes are applied, what opportunities are available for assistance in paying your premiums, and the consequences of not paying your premiums. Each part of Medicare has a premium structure, and as each is different, it’s easy to confuse them; putting all the information about each in one place will help keep things straight.

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Choosing Your Medigap Policy – Some New Information

Medicare beneficiaries and their counselors sometimes need help in the process of choosing a Medigap policy; these are also called “Medicare supplement” policies.

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Your Rights When Receiving Home Health Agency Care in the US

I was recently doing a dangerous thing – reading federal regulations – which is apt to put one in a completely catatonic state. However, I happened to fall upon some interesting ones which concern the rights of Medicare beneficiaries and their Home Health Agency (HHA) benefits. Oddly, these regulations are not in the usual part of the Code of Federal Regulations which concern beneficiary rights, and don’t seem to be as well known as they should, so I felt I need to bring them to the attention of Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers.

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So You’ll Soon Be Going on Medicare! What Do You Need to Do?

As an American approaching age 65, you need to do your homework and get familiar with Medicare. This is because, for most of you, it will not only become your primary payer of health care costs, and for some of you, your only payer, but also because you’ll have to make a number of decisions, and make them wisely.

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US Medicare: What’s New for 2011

Caused partly by the Health Care Reform bills enacted by Congress early in 2010, and partly by a number of new regulations which went into effect on January 1, 2011, several changes were made to the Medicare program of which beneficiaries and their caregivers should be aware. While none of these changed the structure of the Medicare program, they did enhance several benefits, and also imposed a new tax.

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