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Every Cell Phone Is a Camera and Every Microphone Is Live

An excerpt from Manage Your Online Reputation by Tony Wilson.

How can anyone forget the performance of American swimmer Michael Phelps at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing? He won eight gold medals. In the 2004 Athens Olympics four years earlier, he won six gold and two bronze medals. Mark Spitz, the 1972 swimming sensation (who won 7 gold medals at the 1972 Munich Olympics), said about Phelps, “He’s maybe the greatest athlete … to walk the planet.”

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Do we really have no choice but to part with sensitive data?

The sun peeks through the curtains, heralding another day. Before rolling out of bed, you glance at the fitness bracelet attached to your wrist. Padding down the stairs, you notice the living room light is already on and the furnace is waking from its slumber, bringing the temperature up a couple of degrees.

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Author event: How to Minimize Your Digital Footprint

Your Right To Privacy event

Top Five Tips for Guarding Your Privacy in Cyberspace

Data Privacy Day book event of

Your Right to Privacy by Jim Bronskill and David McKie

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How I Fought My Cyberbully


Debbie Elicksen is the author of our new book Business Cyberbullies and How to Fight Back. Her inspiration to write the book came from a personal experience she had with a former client turned cyberbully which she talks about below. Our hope is that through telling her story, she gives those of you dealing with online harassment the courage to fight back. For everyone else, let hers be a lesson to be proactive and learn about the simple steps you can take to protect your reputation online. Continue reading

Improving Your Web Searches

Whether you are a student who needs to search the Web for a class project, or a business person needing to find reliable information, the Web can be both incredibly useful and incredibly annoying. Knowing how to search for reliable information is a skill you can learn.

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Location Sharing Can Lead to Crime

Brightkite, Foursqaure, and more recently, Facebook Places — these applications are growing in popularity and prestige amidst the social networking explosion.

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Computer Security Problems

The popular media spends a lot of time and energy talking about the risks business computers face from viruses and malware. Suppliers of computer security products such as antivirus suites reinforce this message with studies and statistics. A reality check is needed.

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Internet Safety Not Child’s Play

Recently there has been rising concern in the media over Facebook privacy issues. But it’s not just Facebook that should have you concerned; The Internet as a whole can present many dangers. Threats to children can be especially troublesome.

So how can you protect your kids besides taking the Internet away from them completely?

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Recognizing Online Fraud

The most common form of online fraud involves what is known as “Phishing.” It typically involves sending fake email messages designed to trick people into providing personal information (username, passwords, and credit card details, etc.), for the purpose of committing identity theft and/or other crimes. Continue reading