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Languid Language: Writing Young Adult Fiction

Even if you haven’t read them, you’ve probably heard of them: series like Harry Potter, Twilight, and A Series of Unfortunate Events are epidemic lately among not just teenagers, but adults as well. Quite often, the books we find most enjoyable are those that are relaxed in tone and easy-to-read — which describes the ideal young adult novel to a tee.

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The Woes of Web Writing: Is Grammar Important?

You and your business associates have decided that the time has finally come — your business needs a website. But conflict pervades! Your coworker Marcus is highly charismatic, excellent with the written word, and is enthusiastic about the prospect of writing the copy for the website. Cathy, however, objects strongly to this idea. “Have you seen his marketing proposals? They’re riddled with grammatical errors!” Cathy insists that she, as meticulous with spelling and grammar, is the wiser choice for copywriting.

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Canada Submission Guidelines

Self-Counsel Press is a business and legal books publisher. We pioneered do-it-yourself law books in Canada and the USA in 1971.

If you want to write for us, please take a look at our website at to see if your proposed book might fit one of the categories in which we publish, and to make sure we haven’t already published the book you wish to propose. We do not publish fiction of any genre, nor do we publish adult books, books on mental health, psychology, religion, or the paranormal.

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Old Stories Seem New Again

Suppose you want to write a science fiction novel. Ideas are brewing along with the coffee. You sit down at your computer, typewriter, or notepad, and begin to write. It’s all going very well! You have twenty pages down so you decide to take a break and read. You choose a book from your bookshelf of unread science-fiction (SF) novels and descend into horror as you realize that you’re reading the exact same plot you just began to write.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. This is a common phenomenon in any genre: rehashing a story that feels like it’s been done a hundred times. The thing to remember when writing is that although many stories may be similar within a genre, it is the author that makes each novel unique.

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Why Don’t You Publish…?

We are asked this question frequently, usually by authors of books in a category we don’t publish. The author′s follow-up comment is usually along the lines, “But this is a hot topic, you could sell lots of books!” The answer is simple.

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Finding a Publisher

If you are a first-time book author, getting your book published is a daunting task. In 2009, the global economy is a mess and the book publishing business is struggling. Some major publishers have announced they are acquiring a lot fewer new titles this year; some are going so far as to freeze new title acquisitions. Continue reading

Romance and Garbage Cans

Writing a romance novel may sound easy, but there is a lot to figure out before sending your book to a publisher. Writers need to consider setting, characters, how to approach plot outlines – even which parts of their stories to trash. Continue reading

Keep the Focus on Your Website Visitors

Have you ever noticed how some websites succeed, and some fade away? Of those that succeed, chances are the site owners have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring an optimal experience for their visitors. Continue reading