The CD-ROMs contained in our books and kits are supplied in two formats:

  • Windows: these use software to install the kit on any computer running any version of Microsoft Windows.
  • Multi-OS: these CDs will work with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.

Please pay attention to the Product Details description of the book or CD you are purchasing. There we say exactly which operating system(s) will be required in order to use the CD.

We are moving our CDs to the Multi-OS design, but realistically this will take some time, as the change for existing books and kits will happen as each is reprinted. In a few instances, notably divorce kits, we will continue to use the Windows installer approach for CDs because in many provinces in Canada there is a choice between Sole Applicant and Joint Applicants which the user needs to make before installing the kit they need.

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