Health Benefits of Cottage Lifestyle

Cottage life

Photo by Nikki Koski

The science is in! Communing with nature improves our health, for both our bodies and our minds. Going for a walk, sitting under a tree, working in a garden or just putting your bare feet on the ground all have health benefits. We all know this to be true, but here is why…

Apart from the obvious, Vitamin D from the sun and fresh air (our mothers were right!), there is scientific evidence that includes: negative ions, phytoncides and a friendly soil bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae found in gardens and forests. It boosts our serotonin levels, making us feel happier! In addition, it has been proven that colour emersion, even indoors, makes us feel more peaceful. Blue promotes creativity and is soothing along with green which represents nature; green relaxes us and alleviates our stress levels. But wouldn’t we all rather get our blues and greens outside?  And lastly, new research from the University of Illinois says that nature switches our bodies from “fight or flight” into “rest and digest”.  Yes, rest and digest sums up a weekend at the cottage!

Do you own a cottage or have you ever thought of buying one? These days, owning a recreational property may seem like a pastime for the rich and famous. Though this isn’t necessarily so, especially if you are willing to consider Shared Ownership. If you are lucky, your family owns or has owned a lakehouse or chalet and you understand the value of the simpler, less hurried lifestyle that it provides. Being in nature is a basic human need and what better way to furnish improved health than with a property that can stay in the family in perpetuity with a few simple guidelines.

Happy Cottaging!

Nikki Koski

Nikki Koski is the author of The Cottage Rules. An Owner’s Guide to the Rights and Responsibilities of Sharing Recreational Property, an easy-to-use guide for cottage owners who share ownership with others. For more tips on the cottage lifestyle visit Nikki Koski on her website.

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