Divorce with Style: Throw a Party!

If you haven’t heard of divorce parties yet, you likely will soon as the trend of celebrating a breakup grows. Divorce or breakup parties are a way to mark moving on, toast a new chapter in life, and say goodbye to the past in a positive way.

Parties mark “moving on” milestones

Some celebrities have famously thrown divorce parties (Jack White of the White Stripes and Karen Elson, together to show their solidarity in separation and show friends they didn’t need to choose sides; actress Shanna Moakler separately from Travis Barker of Blink 182, to celebrate getting out of what had become an unhappy union). More recently, Katie Holmes is rumored to be planning a fancy divorce party with pals as a way to mark the end of her marriage to Tom Cruise and the beginning of her new, single-again life.

Non-celebrities are throwing divorce and breakup parties too, which run the gamut from casual cocktail get-togethers, to full-on “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” vacations, to large dinner parties with dancing, speeches, and clothing resembling a wedding but without a new spouse. Formal divorce ceremonies are popular in Japan and North America, too, with celebrants officiating a ceremony styled to the individual’s tastes and desires.

Many divorce parties feature a divorce cake: this can be very creative and look like a wedding cake with a few differences. For example, some divorce cakes have a groom cake topper that appears to have fallen off the tiers to the base of the cake, bloodied, with the bride still standing on top (or vice versa).

So, how to throw a divorce or breakup party?

Divorce and breakup partiers must first decide whether or not to include the ex; most will not invite or include exes or family members to avoid further hurt feelings on any side. Children should usually not be included as breakups can be confusing, and it can be tricky to explain a celebration around one.

Next, partiers will need to decide on the style of party: mild or wild? Hotel in Las Vegas, Bond-themed, martini-swilling celebration, Paris-themed teatime with lady friends, or a casual meetup at a cocktail lounge downtown?

When throwing a party, guests should be given plenty of notice and replies should be insisted upon so the host knows who and what to expect. If hiring any vendors, agreements should be in writing!

Divorce and breakup parties are what the partiers make them: They are all about creativity and moving forward with confidence and positivity.

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