Jack Borden’s 7 Steps To Sales Success


In the construction industry, tradespeople are selling something that can only be envisioned, specified, drawn, planned or verbally communicated. You can’t buy a plumbing job off the shelf for your new house. So how does a business owner offering a service make the sale? According to Jack Borden, there are seven important things to consider:

1. Develop and retain meaningful long-term relationships with your customers that will result in ongoing exceptional sales results

2. Have the ability and determination to document your customers’ project objectives and to follow up with a proposal that will meet said objectives

3. Be committed to your customers’ needs and expectations

4. Have exceptional knowledge of your products and services and be constantly updated to ensure you have the latest in information and product development from your suppliers

5. Be competitive. This does not always mean you have to be the cheapest but you should always price competitively

6. Communicate well. Your customers need to know that you are available and listening

7. Become the person with which your customer wants to do business

For more information on how to establish a thriving business in the trades, check out Faster, Cheaper, Better by BC developer Jack Borden. Discover the formula that will help you flourish in this business sector, from a leader with industry wisdom only five decades in the field can offer.

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