Happily Swimming in a Sea of Expertise

Though there are a lot of terrific things about my job, one of my intense pleasures is working directly with our authors. Though much of the day-to-day editing is in the hands of a couple of the best substantive editors in the business, in my dual role of Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, I have the privilege of dipping in at various points of the editorial process, throwing in my two cents whenever that seems like a useful thing.

What all of that really means is I have the best job in the world. I get to spend time chatting with (and sometimes hanging with) some of the most brilliant and energetic minds on the planet because our authors? They are heavy hitters, often the top in their fields or in some way so notable in their areas of expertise, we reached out to them to write a book that we can then share with you.

One of our most recent titles is the perfect example of this. Your Right to Privacy was published last month. It was written by a brace of award-winning journalists. Jim Bronskill and David McKie are exactly the kind of guys you want talking to you about issues of privacy and — as was the case with their last book, Your Right to Know — how to get government secrets.

Another recent Self-Counsel title, Greening Your Pet Care, is by talented veteran dog blogger and TV journalist, Darcy Matheson. Darcy’s knowledgeable and in-depth approach to her topic has been bringing kudos from all directions. Matheson is sharp and straight-forward and knows her stuff cold.

We recently produced a new edition of one of Self-Counsel’s very top sellers of all time, The Border Guide. This new edition is still “The Ultimate Guide to Living, Working, and Investing Across the Border.” For Americans thinking about moving to Canada and Canadians thinking of pulling up stakes and moving south, The Border Guide is essential reading. Author Robert Keats has been the force behind all 11 editions. If anyone knows more about this topic than he does, I have yet to meet them.

Along those same lines, but completely different is another recent publication, Taxation of Americans in Canada by Dale Walters who is currently putting the finishing touches on a title we will be publishing this coming fall, Buying Real Estate in the U.S., which will be published in early September 2016.

These authors and the many others I get to work with that make my job especially rewarding. Any time that life gives one the opportunity to spend time with extraordinary individuals, it should be noted with gratitude. They have so much to share with their readers. And it is my job to help ease the sharing. I am lucky, indeed.

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