How To Find Your Wedding Bliss

If you’re one of the lucky bride or grooms-to-be getting married this summer, you’re likely spending your free time meeting with vendors, checking out venues, tasting cakes (and hopefully wine!), and choosing blooms. A process that starts out fun but can quickly turn overwhelming. The truth is, weddings are a MULTIBILLION-dollar industry that is trying to persuade you to buy buy buy. It’s hard not to get carried away when millions of marketing dollars are screaming: “It’s your big day!” and to “Go nuts!”

For those of you on a limited budget, I suggest you begin to think about your big day as a story. Your story. Who are you? What is your favourite colour? Do you like to spend time outside? Are you religious? Who is important to you?

pink-romance-21Next, think about how to incorporate these elements into your day. What you will quickly find is that what makes you happy doesn’t actually cost a lot (unless your hobby is European travel and what makes you happy is popping bottles on a mega yacht. If either is the case, I recommend hiring a planner and jetting in once every detail has already been taken care of). I imagine most people want a day that reflects their values, beliefs and personality. This need not cost a fortune.

Focusing your time and resources on those elements that speak to who you are, will produce a day that tells your story authentically to the people most important to you. Expensive wine and the prime cut of beef is a lot less important to these people than you think. Seeing you happy and surrounded by objects and ideas that speak to who you are is what your loved ones came to see.

For cost-conscious couples looking to throw a fabulous event, Wedding Bliss on a Budget is a guide offering practical advice that will keep costs in check without sacrificing what really matters.

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