Immigrate to Canada (and Other Stories)

The American people got news yesterday that has a lot of the world reeling… and some of them more than that. We’ve had it from reliable sources that Canada’s immigration website crashed hard on election night and, at the time of this writing, it was still not responding as sharply as it usually does.

9781770402096_72DPIWhile pulling up stakes and moving to Canada might be a new thought for some, we at Self-Counsel have been dealing with these issues for many years and, let’s face it, with all of the chatter and shouting happening right now, a calm professional voice might be just what the doctor ordered. And that’s really the place we always begin.

With that in mind, here are a couple of titles that will smooth any move to Canada you might have in mind.

Immigrate to Canada: A Practical Guide
is by Nick Noorani and Catherine A. Sas, both experts in field of a move to Canadian climes. “Canada is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations for immigrants, a welcoming and inclusive country respectful of cultures that comprise its identity.” That was certainly true when we published the book a couple of years ago but, let’s face it: it’s even more true now. You can order Immigrate to Canada on our websiteBarnes & Noble and Amazon.

9781770402485_72DPIThe Border Guide by Robert Keats is one of our most popular titles in any category and those interested in the finer and financial points of moving their assets to Canada will want to pay sharp attention here. You can buy the book on our websiteBarnes & Noble and Amazon.

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