In the News: The Financial Post & Akeela Davis

Akeela Davis, author of Divorce Dollars: Get Your Fair Share, was interviewed by The Financial Post in an article entitled A modern marriage of inconvenience.

The article discussed an emerging trend of would-be divorced couples toughing it out during the recession due to a lack of finances.

Here’s an excerpt:

“A few weeks ago, a woman considering divorcing her husband walked into Akeela Davis’s Vancouver office. A certified financial planner who specializes in divorce issues, Ms. Davis informed the woman that, given the details of her and her husband’s finances in the current recession, her financial future as a divorcee would be less than rosy.

So that was it. The woman realized that while there may not be any romance in her life these days, there was certainly a need for pragmatic decision-making.

“The picture didn’t look good and she said, ‘Well, I guess I’ll stick it out for now,’” says Ms. Davis, author of Divorce Dollars: Get Your Fair Share.”

This article was subsequently published in the following newspapers:

  • The Vancouver Sun
  • The Calgary Herald
  • The Star Phoenix
  • The Ottawa Citizen
  • The Times-Colonist

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