In the News: The Globe & Mail with Crawford Kilian

The Globe & Mail just published an article by columnist Tom Hawthorn on Crawford Kilian, author of Writing for the Web and the soon-to-be-published Sell Your Nonfiction Book.

Entitled, “Where there’s a bug, there’s his blog,” the article discusses Crawford’s famous H5N1 “flu blog” and his background as a prolific author in Canada.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Through it all, for the past four years, Crawford Kilian has dutifully monitored reports from around the world, posting regularly to his blog on pandemic influenza.

The blog is called H5N1, which is the official name for avian flu. These days, his reports more often cite H1N1, the swine flu. If you followed his blog earlier this week, perhaps prompted by his Twitter feed (@crof), you’d have been linked to stories from Spain (832 cases, six ‘grave’), Brazil (905 cases), Tasmania (first death), and Jamaica (first death). You’d also be able to read a 16-page plan by the American College of Emergency Physicians to cope with this fall’s expected surge in cases.”

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