In the News: The Province and Self-Counsel Press

The Province newspaper published a wonderful spread on Self-Counsel Press, entitled “Publisher Pushes Good Counsel” by Paul Luke, business editor.

Here’s an excerpt:

“For 38 years, North Vancouver-based Self-Counsel has been helping people step away from bad marriages and jobs. Two of its top-selling titles, the Divorce Kit series and Starting a Successful Business in Canada, are also its oldest releases.

As the downturn tosses Canadians out of work and out of their homes, Self-Counsel has unleashed a wave of new titles and tweaked older ones to help people find their feet in shifting economic sands.

On one hand, Self-Counsel recently published the recession-relevant How to Find Work in the 21st Century and Do Your Own Home Staging. On the other, its next edition of Starting a Successful Business will offer advice on handling the difficulties of raising money for startups.

‘We are fortunate, in some ways because of the economic situation,’ Day says of Self-Counsel. ‘In Canada, people seem to be reading slightly more and in America they seem to be reading slightly less.’ “

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