Installing Your eBook

If you have not previously downloaded an ebook and added it to your reading device, here is information which will help you with ebooks you purchase and download from the Self-Counsel Press website. This information does not apply to ebooks you might purchase and download from the ebook stores operated by the various reader devices listed below.

Internet ExplorerIf you use Internet Explorer to download ebooks, you should be aware there is an occasional bug in Internet Explorer which causes EPUB format ebooks to be downloaded as .ZIP files. If this happens to you, either change the name of the downloaded file from .zip to .epub or download again using a different web browser.

File Formats

We publish ebooks in two formats:

  1. EPUB: this is an almost universal format which you can use to read on your computer desktop, or on any of a very wide range of devices.
  2. Kindle (MOBI/AZW): this is a proprietary format used by Amazon.

Desktop Reader Software

If you do not have a hardware device for reading ebooks (such as one of those devices mentioned under EPUB Readers and Kindle Readers below), you can still read books on your desktop or laptop computer screen. What follows is a partial list of software with links to pages where you can download it:

  • Adobe Digital Editions displays EPUB books on Windows and Apple computers (free)
  • Aldiko Reader displays EPUB books on Android tablets and phones (free).
  • Bluefire Reader displays EPUB files and PDFs on Apple IOS devices and Android (free)
  • Bookle displays EPUB books on Apple computers (purchase)
  • BookReader displays EPUB books on Apple computers (free)
  • Kobo Desktop Software displays EPUB books on Windows and Macintosh computers (free, ONLY works with ebooks purchased from Kobo)
  • Kindle software displays MOBI books on Windows and Macintosh computers (free)

EPUB Readers

What follows is a partial list of the hardware devices that can be used to read EPUB format ebooks:

  1. Apple iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone
  2. Kobo brand readers
  3. Sony brand readers
  4. Barnes & Noble “Nook” readers
  5. Mobile devices using the Android operating system version 2.1 or above, including Android Smartphones, Android tablets and others (via the Aldiko Book Reader software application)
  6. Dozens, if not hundreds of dedicated ereaders including ones from Bookeen, Elonex, BeBook and others

Kindle Readers

The .MOBI and .AZW formats are supported by:

  1. The various models of Kindle ebook readers from Amazon. These readers allow you to add books to them.
  2. Amazon Kindle application (“App”) software which is available for a variety of portable devices. At this time Amazon Kindle App software only directly supports ebooks purchased from Amazon, but if you have an Amazon account you can get a special email address to email ebooks to the Kindle reader software.
  3. Aldiko and FReader on Android devices (download from the Android Market)

When in Doubt

If you are unsure which format to download, we suggest you select the EPUB format because ebooks in this format can be loaded to and used on a very wide range of devices.

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