Keep the Focus on Your Website Visitors

Have you ever noticed how some websites succeed, and some fade away? Of those that succeed, chances are the site owners have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring an optimal experience for their visitors.

Guaranteeing this good experience for your visitors is not simply about formatting your website pages and paying for advertising. One of the most important (yet often overlooked) things that can and should be done to ensure you’re catering to readers is to make sure your content is written for them. Your web copy (or web writing) must be written with your readers in mind.

Write copy that works for your visitors

“Your visitor is the ultimate judge of whether your website has the right information,” says author Dan Furman in his book Do the Web Write: Writing for and Marketing Your Website. “Keep the focus on your website visitor.”

Furman stresses that successful websites are simple to use, do not frustrate users, and answer these six basic questions:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why someone should do business with you
  • What locations you service
  • How someone goes about using you
  • When? (Right now!)

Furman’s many tips include 11 rules of effective website writing; all covered in Do the Web Write. Following his simple suggestions can help website owners to write persuasively for the web, thus ultimately making sure website visitors have that (sometimes elusive) good experience.

Dan Furman Do The Web Write cover Do the Web Write is available to read more about and purchase from our Web store where you can preview the content and see the full table of contents.

Learn more about Dan and be entertained by a master communicator who “tells it like it is” and pulls no punches in his writing! Visit Dan’s website.

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