Market to a Target: Appealing Websites Are Key to Consumer Interest

Your online business is well established, with a presence that has already generated some interest. You’ve got a few reliable customers and you’re making a tidy profit off of your services. But your profit margins are either stagnant, or they’re wilting in the midst of a weak economy — despite your best marketing efforts. What can you do to help boost interest in your online company?

In her book Low-Budget Online Marketing for Small Business, Holly Berkley discusses several tactics that will boost your website’s effectiveness in bringing in the customers.

“When clients come to me for advice on how to drive more customers to their website,” she writes, “the first thing I have them do is list the characteristics of their ideal customers.”

In other words, it’s important to identify your target audience. Take a look at your inventory and think about what demographic audience your products appeal to. Take into account factors such as age, income, marital status, gender, education, and whether or not they have children.

Once you’ve figured out who is most likely to buy your products, make sure the layout of your website caters to them. If your most likely customer is elderly, make the print large and the website easy to navigate. For children and teenagers, bright colors will grab their (or their parents’) attention.

Adjusting your website design is not the only way to suck your customer in — you may find that adjustments to the content of the site will be just as effective, if not more so, at bringing in customers.

The content of your website, too, will depend largely on your target audience. Working-class adults will want to be informed about office furnishings in a clear, practical, and straightforward way, whereas you may have more success describing your products in an entertaining way to a younger demographic. Regardless of whether you use slang or technical language to describe your products, make sure your content is convincing — if your target audience isn’t tempted by your website, you probably won’t sell very many of your products!

Whether you focus on the design or the content of your website — or preferably, both — you’ll find that an overall website presentation that targets a particular demographic will generate interest and increase sales for your online business.

Aboutlow-budget-online-marketing-cover-largeLow-Budget Online Marketing for Small Business is written by online marketing expert Holly Berkley.

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