Message from the Publisher

There is an ebullient air here at the Self-Counsel Press offices right now. Something good and fine.

We are moving into our 45th year of publishing books that help people in many aspects of their lives, personal and professional. That’s something to be proud of.

In those four-plus decades we have, of course, changed a lot of the way we do things. E-books happened, for instance. Digital typography. And the fax? It came and went. But at the core – as with all things that really matter – nothing at all has changed. We continue to work hard to identify and then publish terrific books in the areas of our mandate, working with authors that we’re proud to have as part of our family and that add to the conversation of enrichment we’re so proud to have around here on a daily basis.

Thank you for being part of that conversation. We look forward to continue to serve you and have interesting conversations into 2016 and beyond.


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