New Releases: October 2016

We are pleased to announce this month’s releases:

October 18

Start & Run a Marijuana Dispensary or Pot ShopStart & Run a Marijuana Dispensary or Pot Shop by Jay Currie

As laws change, North Americans are gaining greater legal access to marijuana through local dispensaries. But the rise of the dispensary brings a mountain of challenges. This book treats the fledging industry as a serious prospect and identifies the best practices to start and run a dispensary. From business basics to ensure sufficient cash flow, to science basics to ensure proper sourcing and care of the products, author Jay Currie walks dispensary owners through the important and subtle steps to a successful and sustainable business. ‘Start and Run a Marijuana Dispensary’ is a guide to create a business model and an operating plan to legally dispense marijuana and its related products.

Book Launch announced: October 25 at 7 pm at Book Warehouse on Main Street, Vancouver. More details here.

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9781770402898_72DPIBecome a U.S. Commercial Drone Pilot by John Deans (2nd edition)

All across America, people are learning to fly. Drones are taking to the skies to help in search-and-rescue, industry, journalism and hobbies. While drones look like toys, they are anything but. They require the discipline of a pilot and the legal support of a license. But how do you get approved to take the controls? John Deans has gone through the paces to get his Federal Aviation Administration license to fly drones, and his book will help you understand how you can get your drone wings. His step-by-step guide identifies the preparation and practice necessary to earn your license. So while there are thousands of drone pilots emerging in this exciting field of technology, photography and security, they’re still required to undergo strict and exacting licensing procedures. John Deans provides a comprehensive legal guide to secure your license and safely operate a drone.

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Writing For Children and Young AdultsWriting for Children and Young Adults by Marion Crook (3rd edition)

The dynamic world of reading and writing has changed greatly over the past few years. Writers are pitching their ideas online, exchanging works in progress with critique partners and forming street teams to promote their work. The online community of writers is a fast paced and often confusing place. In the publishing world today, writers need to direct online traffic to their book and stimulate sales. In addition to the tried and true advice author Marion Crook shared in earlier editions of Writing for Children and Young Adults, in this vibrant new edition, Crook explains some of the nuances and choices about the writing world online that can overwhelm writers.

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9781770402584_72DPIBuying Real Estate in the US by Dale Walters (2nd edition)

If you are interested in owning US property, Buying Real Estate in the US: A Guide for Canadians will help you navigate the daunting legal and tax issues surrounding buying US real estate as a foreign buyer. This book will guide you on a safer, clearer, and more economical path to reaching your goal of owning US real estate, while avoiding the possible severe tax consequences and the many other complications that may arise in the process. The author covers information crucial for Canadian snowbirds becoming US property owners, such as US withholding tax, Nonresident US estate tax, and Income tax consequences If you find yourself more confused than certain when thinking about these issues. This book will empower readers to become confident and well-informed buyers, ready to face the US real estate market. The comprehensive and practical information in this book will ensure you experience the enjoyment rather than the hassle of becoming a US property owner.

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October 31

9781770402782_72DPIMy Divorce. A coloring diary

From the team that brought the world a series of bestselling divorce guides and kits, Self-Counsel Press goes back to the drawing board to come out of the gate with another first: a coloring book that helps the reader deal with the trauma of ending a long-term relationship. Dealing with divorce pushes us through every color of the emotional rainbow and every aspect of grief and renewal to — hopefully! — ultimate joy at the rediscovery of self. My Divorce helps you move through all those steps in a creative and stress-busting package. Color through the beauty and agony everyone who has ever worked through an intimate breakup will recognize.

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