Plan Your Perfect Wedding On A Budget

Wedding Bliss on a Budget

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Only seven steps can take you to the wedding of your dreams – on a budget!

1. Visualize. The most important day of your life – what does it mean to you? Create a clear vision of what you’d like this day to look like.

2. Prioritize. What elements of the wedding are the most important and therefore will receive the biggest share of the budget?

3. Strategize. Work on a time-budget as well as on a financial one. Find the most time- and cost-effective ways of achieving your wedding goals.

4. Scrutinize. Do a very detailed market research to narrow down the list of potential vendors. Research closely the vendors you’re about to hire. Read all the contracts thoroughly to make sure they describe in detail the exact products and services you require.

5. Minimize. Concentrate on the essential. What must your wedding include? The answer to that question lies in the list of your priorities.

6. Maximize. How to keep costs down but keeping quality up?

7. Itemize. Here’s where the fun begins. Itemizing is all about breaking down the wedding planning process according to your priorities and strategies.

Your wedding bliss doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Following these seven steps described in more detail in Wedding Bliss on a Budget by Ethan Baron will help you organize a day to remember – without great expense!

“Wedding Bliss on a Budget lives up to its title as a “must-have” resource for making the big day special without breaking the bank. Packed with practical-minded tips, tricks, techniques, and checklists, Wedding Bliss on a Budget is a both thoroughly accessible and invaluable. Highly recommended.” ––Midwest Book ReviewWeddingBliss_72DPI

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