Returning to Blog

When I started writing this blog, my objective was to post something at least once a week. That worked for a while, but external events intruded.

Last year was brutal for me and my family. Early in the year, while attending a trade show, I fell ill, was briefly hospitalized, and then returned home to a protracted medical investigation which initially focussed on a possible heart problem. That was a blind alley — I had contracted an especially virulent form of Salmonella.

The Salmonella was killed off quite quickly once it was identified; I am told the damage it did will take at least one and possibly two years to heal.

If that was not bad enough, late last year my wife of four decades required emergency surgery to remove a large (non-malignant) growth on the pituitary gland in her brain. It was impacting her eyesight, hormones, and blood supply to the brain. Fortunately she had an outstanding neurosurgical team and is recovering well.

Needless to say, all of this was exceptionally stressful and I had to cut back in some areas; this blog became one of them.

I am sufficiently back to normal to resume writing here, and am glad to be back.

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