Shop Changes

Over the weekend of July 9th and 10th we updated our web store. As I write this (Monday 11th) some changes continue to be made, but the big changes are already in place. We are working towards the launch of ebooks very soon, and many of the changes we have made to our store anticipate that.

Self-Counsel Press has had a retail store on the web continuously since 1997. We were among the first publishers to build such a store. Over the years we undertook incremental enhancements to what had begun as a very simply shopping basket system. Recent changes have included the introduction of downloadable forms kits and an online updating system for books and kits containing CDROMs.

The current upgrade is as big as any we have taken, although many of the changes will not be immediately visible.

The biggest visible change you can see today is, we now have a single web store instead of separate stores for American and Canadian customers. When we launch ebooks, we will be selling to a global audience, so one store with currency selection options makes more sense to me.

A smaller change is, we have made information about us easier to find. The “footer” (bottom) of the front page of both the store and this News section now contain 19 links to topical information (a handful of which are still “under construction” as I write this!

Most other changes at this time are under the hood: software enhancements that will allow us to start offering print book plus ebook bundles; discounted shipping for larger purchases; and more options we will unveil over the coming few months.

Please bear with us in the in the next few days. We are fine-tuning the new system and staff are learning how to use it. We have tested as much as we can, but there is no test environment quite like the real world to expose hidden glitches!

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