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Can you believe it’s almost December? Christmas is in less than a month! Most of us have probably already started Christmas preparations and shopping. If you’re still looking for gift ideas here are some titles we think you may find interesting:

9781770402782_72DPIMy Divorce: A Coloring Diary

This is definitely the most beautiful book we’ve ever published! If you know someone who’s going through a breakup or divorce, My Divorce: A Coloring Diary will cheer them up. Add a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates (and a box of pencil crayons!) and you’ll make their Christmas more joyous! It’s a gorgeous colouring book that can be appreciated by anyone who’s into coloring, even if they’re not going through a breakup at the moment.

Your Right to PrivacyYour Right to Privacy: Minimize Your Digital Footprint
by Jim Bronskill and David McKie

Are you concerned about your family’s online safety? Give them Your Right to Privacy, an easy-to-follow guide by Jim Bronskill and David McKie to help them learn the basic steps to protect their sensitive information. They’ll for sure appreciate your concern and you’ll feel more at ease knowing your loved ones can protect their online safety and identity.

Greening Your Pet CareGreening Your Pet Care: Reduce Your Animal’s Environmental Paw Print by Darcy Matheson

57 per cent of Canadian households and 65 percent of American households are now pet guardians. If your family or friends have pets why not slip a copy of Greening Your Pet Care by Darcy Matheson into their Christmas stocking? It’s a fantastic guide for guardians of any pets, not only cats and dogs, which shows you all the easy steps you can take to reduce your animal’s environmental paw print.

Wedding Bliss on a BudgetWedding Bliss on a Budget by Ethan Baron

It may be Christmas time now but soon everyone will be in a wedding mode: planning, organizing, arranging things. Wedding Bliss on a Budget by Ethan Baron is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who has a wedding to plan and doesn’t want to break the bank at the same time. Don’t you worry, staying within a budget doesn’t mean being cheap. Having  a dream wedding doesn’t have to cost big bucks!

SpeakOutWithCloutSpeak Out with Clout by Charles Boyle

Many of us dread public speaking but it’s one of the skills that are worth practising. You never know when you’ll be asked to represent your company at a conference or to be a guest speaker at a club. Speak Out with Clout  by Charles Boyle is a must read for anyone who feels nervous about public speaking and who wants to improve these skills. Gift them this book and you’ll make their day (and possibly help their career)!

Study Smarter Not HarderStudy Smarter, Not Harder by Kevin Paul

Everyone is constantly looking for lifehacks to make our lives easier. Everyone, but especially students. Kevin Paul knows there is a way of unlocking the genius inside you – and not by studying harder but smarter. His book, Study Smarter, Not Harder, may be too big to fit in a stocking but it’s definitely worth gifting to someone who wants to learn more and in a more efficient way. Just let them know ahead of time to prepare a bigger stocking…

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Happy holiday shopping!

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