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Siblings as a Psychological Resource

The death of our last parent heightens our awareness of mortality. Our sense of aloneness in the universe becomes more acute, and our own death seems more imminent. An ongoing connection with brothers and sisters helps keep this feeling at bay or alleviate its intensity. The need to be known by someone consistently over all the years of life — through different moves and major changes — can best be met by siblings. Continue reading

Birth Order and Relationships

Your birth order and gender affect primarily your social behavior — how you relate to other people in your life. They affect the kind of spouse you are, the kind of parent you are, the kind of employer or employee you are, and the kind of friend you are. Some people, because of their gender and birth order, will have more trouble than others at work, some will have more difficulty being a parent, and some will have more conflict in their relationships with the opposite sex. This is good to be aware of, especially when deciding on a career, choosing a mate, having a child, or working on difficulties you may be having in these areas. Continue reading

Ongoing Effects of Birth Order

Sigmund Freud was the first of the psychotherapists to note that “a child’s position in the sequence of brothers and sisters is of very great significance for the course of his later life.”

Continue reading