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Who are the Caregivers?

Almost every one of us will provide some form of caregiving in our lives. Some people will be trained and employed in specific fields of caregiving, but most will be everyday people who volunteer their time to help friends, family members, and neighbors.

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Caregiving Requires Realistic Look at Abilities

Even if you are not a caregiver now, there is a high chance that you may act as a caregiver for a loved one at some point in the future, whether you are husband or wife, child, or friend.

Caregivers provide assistance that addresses someone’s mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual needs. Your role as a caregiver can exist on different levels and encompass varying responsibilities, but regardless of the type of caregiver you are, you provide valuable assistance to someone who needs it.

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Caregiving Tip: Remember to Care for Yourself

It’s an oft-ignored concept by caregivers, yet it remains so important. When you do not properly care for yourself, how can you properly care for a parent? Whether you are independently or jointly caring for your aging parents, you must remember to also care for yourself.

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