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#DivorceColoringContest: Win a copy of My Divorce: A Coloring Diary

Divorce Coloring Contest

Divorce Coloring Contest

We are celebrating the release of My Divorce: A Coloring Diary with a contest. Submit your entry before November 30th for a chance to win a copy of this innovative and therapeutic new book.

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How to Keep Money in a Divorce



Many people going through divorce get to a point where they wonder how their finances are going to hold up. Splitting up can sometimes mean splitting a salary between two entirely separate households, and if other child support, maintenance, and/or alimony issues are involved, things can become even tougher. Moving can also mean needing to purchase entirely new household staples such as sets of dishes or a couch, if your ex got to keep the ones you had before. Continue reading

BC Divorce Changes

March 18, 2013: Changes to the Provincial Court (Family) Rules come into effect today, to bring it into conformity with the Family Law Act, which replaces the previous Family Relations Act today. There are also some changes to Rule 21 (Parenting After Separation Program).

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Celebrating Singledom: The Emergence of Divorce Parties

Divorce is often very difficult for everyone involved. You and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse are probably pushed to the limit regardless of whether you’re parting amicably or whether you’re at each other’s throats. There are so many things to consider, and even if the divorce is initiated on good terms, you’re both starting a new chapter in your life — in itself more than enough stress.

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Understanding Separation Agreements

What is a separation agreement?

A separation agreement is a type of contract signed when you and your spouse decide to separate. This contract is intended to lay out the terms of your separation in order to:

  • avoid confusion and conflict,
  • assist in financial planning, and
  • make the separation process simpler and more straightforward.

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