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What Does an Executor Do?

Writing your will starts with choosing the right executor. After all, it’s your executor’s job to find all your assets, pay all your debts, and distribute what’s left to your beneficiaries to your will. This sounds easy, but unless you have been an executor you do not know what an executor’s job really involves. So who should be your executor? As Tom Carter states in Write Your Legal Will in 3 East Steps, the best way to answer this question is to start with another question, “What does an executor do?” Continue reading

Assessing Assets as an Executor

If you are the executor or administrator of an estate, taking account of the assets of a recently deceased loved one can get very complicated. Moving residences prior to death or incomplete financial records can mean hidden assets where you, as the executor, might not expect them.

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Foreign Executors for Wills

Should you appoint a foreign executor?

There is no law saying that you cannot appoint a foreign executor in your will but there are two good reasons that make it a bad idea in most cases.

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