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Birth Order and Relationships

Your birth order and gender affect primarily your social behavior — how you relate to other people in your life. They affect the kind of spouse you are, the kind of parent you are, the kind of employer or employee you are, and the kind of friend you are. Some people, because of their gender and birth order, will have more trouble than others at work, some will have more difficulty being a parent, and some will have more conflict in their relationships with the opposite sex. This is good to be aware of, especially when deciding on a career, choosing a mate, having a child, or working on difficulties you may be having in these areas. Continue reading

Meet the Authors: Dr. Aliza Israel and Avrum Nadigel

Are you looking for a committed relationship but  you wonder why they never last? There’s one thing you should know: before you create a happy successful relationship you need to become your best self, as Dr. Aliza Israel and Avrum Nadigel show in their new book, Love Starts Here (November 2016). Why did they write this book?

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Are Prenups or Cohabitation Agreements a Good Idea?

Unless they’re rich and famous, and people are telling them to protect their cash and assets, the majority of people who are married or living common-law don’t have prenuptial agreements (“prenups”), cohabitation agreements, or marriage agreements in place. But with so many marriages ending in divorce, and so many relationships ending, period, is it smart to have some kind of contract?

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