The future of business marketing – Gamification.

The Internet recently celebrated its 25th birthday and like all things that prove their worth, the staying power badge has been well earned. 

Those in business of every size and in every industry know that an Internet presence is today’s storefront and your company on social media is your voice to the world. Even social media, once a novel marketing tool, is now a mainstay of every venture, business or otherwise. 

So where can businesses look for the next revolution in marketing?

We recently heard about the gamification start-up Insticator when they were the focus of Debbie Elicksen and Cynthia K. Seymour’s Virtual Newsmakers Show.

We were immediately drawn into the site and happily spent way too much time there, so we knew they were on to something very fun.  

What Insticator does is allows users to open a free profile then accumulate rewards by voting on the outcomes of their favourite sports, or key story lines of their favourite TV shows. For example, if you’re a Calgary Flames fan who also watches Game of Thrones, you can predict the outcome of the next Flame match AND predict whether King Joffrey will finally get his due karma this season. The more shows or games you vote on, the more rewards you earn.  

When we reached out to Insticator earlier this year to tell them that they’ve got a cool site, they asked us if we’d be willing to offer up some rewards. We were more than happy to.

Since 1971, we’ve helped visionaries build their businesses from the ground up. Our customers rely on us for the best books on DIY legal advice and for insights and best practice policies for everything from incorporating your company to managing off-site employees. Our books are found at major retailers everywhere and independent book stores near you.  

 At Insticator, you can collect 250 rewards on Insticator to get a major discount on some of our most popular titles; No More Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Self Publishing 101, Getting Grants and Start & Run a Copywriting Business.

We’re thrilled to be a part of the next generation of Internet marketing futurists. Gamification as a marketing tool for business is here to stay, and from what we can see, will ignite the promotion and marketing of your brand in today’s marketplace.  

We have only one warning, Insticator is very addictive. Good luck trying to take a quick peek!

How are you gamifying your brand? Are you taking your marketing into a new world? Tweet us your story at @SelfCounsel. 

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