The Philosophy of the Freedom of Movement

An excerpt from the upcoming book, Move or Die by Tim Sitt, available on February 14, 2017:

The power of movement is found in the freedom it can create for people who use and integrate it into their lives. I have discovered the freedom of movement in my own life. It has been a force that has given me more health, energy, and a deeper connection to myself. Here are a few of the lessons that will be elaborated upon throughout this book:

• There is no one right way to move. Be fluid and willing to experiment and explore until you find a way to incorporate movement that fits you and your life.

• There is always a choice as it relates to your health and body. People do not function in a healthy way when things are forced or when there are rigid rules of what they should or have to do. Having to sit still is one of those rigid rules that needs to be transformed and made into a choice instead of a mandate.

• Take responsibility for your health. No person, tool, gadget, or program can help move your body for you. Each individual needs to take responsibility to move. No one can be moved.

• Have no set patterns. Focus on keeping Freedom of Movement in all areas of your life. Avoid patterns which create stagnation. Create new moves every day as well as new thoughts, new relationships, and new methodologies. Keep things fresh. Keep focused on your purpose, which is your mission and vision, and update as needed.

• Your body is a part of nature so it contains a wealth of resources and wisdom. It is naturally oriented to move towards growth and healing. Simply learning to listen to its needs and responding appropriately is a large step towards health.

• Different domains of health interact dynamically so changes in one realm can lead to changes in the others, whether intended or not. For example, freeing the body can also free one’s thinking.

Move or Die by Tim SittThis book helps you transform your sedentary time into an opportunity to improve your health through information, techniques, and skills that will empower you to incorporate movement throughout your day. While the practices are simple and usually only take a minute at a time, they challenge old beliefs and patterns. By learning the power of movement and the freedom it can provide, you will have more control of your mind, your choices and, most importantly, your health.

Move or Die by Tim Sitt will be on sale February 14, 2017. You can preorder it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters Indigo.

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