The Nine Rules of Credit (EPUB)

What Everyone Needs to Know

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ISBN: 9781770409965

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The Nine Rules of Credit is a combination of insider secrets, money saving tips, and how to reverse engineer the credit scoring model to your advantage. Written so the Average Joe can easily apply all 9 rules of credit, and play the game to win!

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If you want the best help to get a loan approved, avoid or recover from bankruptcy, or save thousands of dollars in your lifetime, this is your book. Millions of people are paying unnecessary high rates and extra fees because their credit ratings are unnecessarily low. If you’re one of them, you might not even realize how much you’re being penalized. This book demystifies the field of personal credit and helps you bolster your rating with basic advice on how to start, improve and maintain personal credit excellence. As a mortgage expert, Richard Moxley grew tired of seeing people pay little attention to their credit ratings and run up against lenders and brokers who charged a premium that could have been avoided. He became one of Canada’s leading experts on personal credit. In this book he outlines his program to put you in the best possible position to borrow, pay bills and manage your credit. Nine Rules of Credit is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that will bring practical discipline to your credit management. By following his program you will pay the least and keep the most of your hard-earned money. It is an invaluable resource in an age of borrowing.

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Additional Info

Subtitle What Everyone Needs to Know
Publication Date Jul 8, 2015
Market Global
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ISBN 9781770409965
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Author Details

Author Details - Richard Moxley

Richard Moxley is one of Canada’s authorities on personal credit. A former mortgage broker who watched people forced to pay thousands of dollars in excess fees, he plunged into the personal credit field and built a successful program that educates thousands of Canadians on the basic rules of credit and the strategies to save money and strengthen one’s rating. His eCreditFix program has earned him a respected reputation as a thoughtful, practical leader on money matters for those trying to navigate the world of credit. He lives in Calgary.


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