A Canadian's Best Tax Haven: The US (EPUB)

Take your money and DRIVE!

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ISBN: 978-1-77040-858-6

When Canadians think of tax havens, they rarely think of the US; but it truly is one of the best options available for Canadians today.

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Using the US as a tax haven will enable you to keep more of what’s rightfully yours -- legally! A Canadian's Best Tax Haven proves it by showing readers actual tax situations and comparing taxes paid by a person with exactly the same income living in Canada, the US, and a traditional tax haven.

By the author of the best-selling cross-border tax book The Border Guide: A Guide to Living, Working, and Investing across the Border, this informative book covers the following:

  • What is a tax have
  • Why you might want a tax haven
  • Why traditional tax havens don’t work
  • What some of the prevalent myths about tax havens are and what the truth is
  • Hidden costs of tax havens
  • The US-Canada Tax Treaty
  • Information on cross-border taxes for snowbirds
  • … and more!
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Subtitle Take your money and DRIVE!
Publication Date Oct 14, 2015
Market Global
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ISBN 978-1-77040-858-6
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Author Details - Robert Keats, CFP, RFP, MSFP

Robert Keats is an internationally renowned expert in cross-border financial planning. He has discussed financial matters on the CTV national news and in the Financial Post and Los Angeles Times. He is the publisher of The Sunbelt Canadian newsletter and is on the editorial board for the Canadian Journal of Financial Planning. Keats is the author of The Border Guide, another title published by Self-Counsel Press. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
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